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Can It Go In My Storage Unit?

Your storage unit is a great place to store just about anything from business records to personal belongings and most everything in between.

However, the following is a list of the few items which may not be stored in your unit. If in doubt, always ask your storage unit manager for help.

Flammable or combustible materials: These include gas, fuel, fireworks, etc. These types of materials may cause a very real danger to the entire facility and personnel, not to mention your own stored belongings if an accident happens. If you will be storing such items that contain fuel such as a lawn mower, boat motor, weed whacker, go-kart, etc, you will be asked to empty all the tanks before placing these items in storage.

Animals or Animal Products: Storing your animals in your storage unit is cruel and could result in prosecution. It is forbidden. Animal products usually are not allowed as they may attract vermin and other pests.

Jewelry and Valuables: You need to advise your storage facility manager if you will be storing valuables such as jewelry, coins, precious metals, etc. You may be subject to certain restrictions and will be asked to provide a copy of your proof of insurance coverage. You may also need to sign a special waiver.

Hazardous materials: Most storage facilities will not allow the storage of hazardous, toxic or chemical materials as they may cause extreme damage if there is a spill or fire.

Perishable foodstuffs: If you are storing the contents of your home in your unit, cans of food are fine, but there may be restrictions on any perishable food items you may want to place in your unit. Ask yOur Complex manager for their policies.

Illegal or stolen goods: No storage facility will allow you to store illegal or stolen goods on their property.

Firearms: Each storage facility will have its own policy regarding storage of firearms. Always check with yOur Complex manager first.

Aerosols: Aerosols and other pressurized materials are hazardous materials. Many storage facilities will not allow these items to be stored as there is the possibility they may burst and cause accidents or damage.

Plants: Plants are living things and should not be stored in your unit as they may attract insects and pests.

Fragrances: Many storage facilities will not allow the storing of very fragrant items or anything else that may cause a significant odor within the site.

By following the policies and procedures of your storage facility, your storage experience will be a safe and pleasant one.

Remember, when in doubt - ask!

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